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Autumn is the time of harvests, when crops are brought in from the fields, rich, ripe and plentiful.  As far back as history can remember, there have been harvest festivals to celebrate the bounty at the end of the growing season.

Autumn Cornucopia is the special fall release from the Trail of Painted Ponies, celebrating the abundance of the harvest.

Winter is just a month away, but before it gets here we have Thanksgiving, the modern day version of the harvest festival and the acknowledgement of all the blessings that we have to be thankful for.  Have you picked up your avatar of the harvest season yet?

Autumn Cornucopia Pony

Autumn Cornucopia Pony by Maria Ryan.

Midnight Glow

Midnight Glow Pony

Midnight Glow continues the spooky tradition of Halloween.

Halloween is just around the corner and we want to remind you of the Trail of Painted Ponies special Halloween release, the phosphorescent Midnight Glow Pony.  It goes along with the spooky Halloween traditions such as costumes designed to look like ghosts, monsters, vampires and witches…and haunted attractions, scary stories told in front of bonfires and horror films on TV and in the movie theater.  Midnight Glow is a chilling new addition to your collection, a rearing black pony with a skeleton that glows in the dark!



Midnight Glow Pony

Midnight Glow is a chilling new addition to your collection, a rearing black pony with a skeleton that glows in the dark!

Six Ponies Put Out to Pasture in May 2014

Today the Trail of Painted Ponies has announced the retirement of six ponies from the existing herd. Retired are Westward Ho, Unicorn’s Garden, Celestial, Victorian Christmas, Magical Swan and Rites of Passage.

May 2014 Retirement

May 2014 retirement for the Trail of Painted Ponies

We still have these collectible pieces in stock if you are looking to round out your personal herds.

Trail of Painted Ponies Design Contest

Remember all those ponies that layer patterns that force you to sit down and take a closer look? This week the Trail of Painted Ponies announced a contest for people who like to confound, an opportunity to create a design within a design, the canvas being the figure of the horse.

The designs should come on the Trotting or Regal pony form only, but you do not need to buy the Paint Your Own Pony kit. You can simply download the application with the pony template and submit your pattern for judging. The contest runs through May 31 with the winning design receiving $500!

Take a quick look at the Trail of Painted Ponies Invitation to Artists with Magical Eyes and enter for an opportunity to win cash and prizes! We’d love nothing more than to brag that one of our customers is an artist on the Trail!

Illusion of the Horse

A design within a design.

Spring 2014 Herd from the Trail of Painted Ponies

Spring is here and with it the announcement of the Spring 2014 herd of the Trail of Painted Ponies. Due to ship at the end of May are four new Painted Pony figurines. Included in this set are:

Empress of the Winds

Empress of the Winds

Empress of the Winds by Stefanie Schaetzchen

They say that the winds are like a woman, always changing …  There are the Winds of Time which span history and the Winds of Change, which mark transformations. Then there are the Winds of Dawn, which signal renewal. All of these, from The Empress of the Winds.






Petals by Paula Holoman

Peonies are pink, they’re beautiful, it’s true.
This Painted Pony, was created just for you.
She is kind and loving, and pretty as can be.
Her name is, Petals, and she loves to run free…



Rodeo Romeo

Rodeo Romeo

Rodeo Romeo by Valor Lee and Karlynn Keyes

He’s fast as the wind and black as night,
you can try to resist him with all of your might.
He can spin on a dime and fly through the air,
he’ll steal your heart with rodeo flair.
Look in his eyes and you just can’t say no,
’cause this little guy is Rodeo Romeo!





Trailblazer by Amber Stirling

Legend tells of spotted horses that blazed trails throughout the American West. They were the constant companions of the Nez Perce, expert hunters and trackers who traveled with the seasons. Their journeys are reflected in the distinctive blanket pattern of their beloved Appaloosas. Together, they rode into history as brave Trailblazers.


These ponies are now available for pre-order on our website.

Trail of the Painted Ponies, Spring 2014

Trail of the Painted Ponies Spring 2014 herd

Year of the Horse

Happy 4712!

Year of the Horse

Year of the Horse

No, that’s not a typo. Today’s new moon is the start of the Chinese Year of the Horse, year 4712 in the Chinese calendar. The Chinese follow a lunar calendar, much like the Jewish and Islamic calendars. Lunar calendars do not match the Gregorian solar calendars that western cultures follow and for this reason we are left with the impression that the start of the Chinese new year “drifts”, but in reality, it is the second new moon after the winter solstice and on the Chinese calendar, the Gregorian new year drifts through random dates in their eleventh month.

Chinese astrology breaks years out into one of twelve corresponding zodiac earthly branches – Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. 4712 is represented by a horse. Likewise, Chinese astrology has five heavenly stems – Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. The stem for 4712 is that of Wood, making it the Year of the Wood Horse.

The horse represents decisiveness, travel, adventure and drive. It is a symbol of speedy success. Wood represents spring and growth. It represents family. It represents strength and flexibility, all together making the year to come one of promising opportunity.

But all of that is far eastern astrology. The hard facts are that the Chinese calendar is one of the oldest in the world and that visitors to Chinese restaurants love to look at the dates on their placemats to identify their zodiac animal and get a little basic astrological advice. And we are now starting the Year of the Horse.

Year of the Horse by Lori Musil

Year of the Horse by Lori Musil

Lori Musil, the prolific artist for the Trail of Painted Ponies described the Year of the Horse as a “classic celebration of the different horse breeds” and Rod Barker, the founder and CEO of the Trail of Painted Ponies, announced that The Year of the Horse will be full of surprises!”  We anxiously await to see what this astronomical convergence will mean for the premiere line of horse collectibles.

As the Chinese say, Jíqìngyǒuyú! – May your happiness be without limit!