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Trail of Painted Ponies Design Contest

Remember all those ponies that layer patterns that force you to sit down and take a closer look? This week the Trail of Painted Ponies announced a contest for people who like to confound, an opportunity to create a design within a design, the canvas being the figure of the horse.

The designs should come on the Trotting or Regal pony form only, but you do not need to buy the Paint Your Own Pony kit. You can simply download the application with the pony template and submit your pattern for judging. The contest runs through May 31 with the winning design receiving $500!

Take a quick look at the Trail of Painted Ponies Invitation to Artists with Magical Eyes and enter for an opportunity to win cash and prizes! We’d love nothing more than to brag that one of our customers is an artist on the Trail!

Illusion of the Horse

A design within a design.